Who I am


I’m Sophie – a freelance journalist and copywriter from Wales, now based in the lovely Cotswolds.


I’ve been a writer ever since I penned my first novel, The Poo That Didn’t Smell, at the age of seven.


Since then, I've honed my craft, swapping toilet humour for nerdy literary devices. Like iambic pentameter.


I graduated with a Distinction in MA Professional Writing and plunged, nib-first, into the world of copywriting.


Lately, I’ve written TV commercials, sales copy and social media posts for the global technology giant – Dyson.


I’ve written blogs for Ecotricity, helped develop a furniture company's brand identity, and created two published greeting card ranges.


I also contribute to The Huffington Post, Campaign Magazine and Cotswold Outdoor’s blog, as well as a number of travel and adventure publications.


What’s next? Let me know!